H&V Leather Handbags.

We manufacture high quality Leather Handbags. Our leather is carefully selected and imported from all around the world. We produce to unique design specifications and orders.

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Fashinable and Trendy

For the Girl who knows better.

Fashionable leather handbags suitable for all-purpose use.

Smart and convenient for the fashionable working woman.

Ultimate Luxury

Classy and everlasting

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Through here we outline our commitment to excellent craftsmanship
in producing unique selection of Leather Handbags.

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H&V has been making leather handbags and accessories for over 40 years.

All our products are hand made. We make all kinds of leather hand bags specifically to suite your clientele. We take orders for the production of custom made bags or other goods made of genuine first grade Leather in any form or shape.

Beautiful Handbags Made
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H&V Leather Goods

H&V is also skilled in manufacturing all sorts of leather goods and accessories for fashion promotions.

Cosmetic Bag Zip Closure

Purse iPhone


H&V Craftsmen

H&V comprises of highly skilled craftsmen in the industry with well over 40 years of experience.

Our skilled craftsmen carefully guide the leather from cutting to final assembly.

Our best tools are the eyes and hands that work on each and every hand-made original through the entire production process.

One of the most critical phases – the strong, even stitching found in only the highest quality leather goods.


What Else? H&V Accessories

The accessories we use in our products are also meticulously produced in-house using the best row materials to ensure that they endure all kinds of conditions

Eco-friendly fashion.

We are eco conscious in the selection of our sustainable raw material.
Sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Quality Control

We have in our employment a special department and personnel to ensure that every item that exits the production line is scrutinized and checked for its fine finishing before they are delivered to our customers
H&V Exports quality, Our highly skilled finishing artists ensure that your order is carefully checked for quality before leaving the premises. Your product is carefully packed in special material for transport.


H&V Exports to the World

Our Handbags are found all around the world. We export to most key locations around the world.

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